Cloud Revolution Triggering Economic Boom of the Century

Book Review: Author Mark P. Mills believes cloud computing – the biggest infrastructure ever build – will power a confluence of human creativity and productivity that will spark an era of progress and prosperity.


Cloud Migration Reality Check

A look at cost, staffing requirements, timeframes and potential pitfalls when moving to a cloud infrastructure.


Restoring Ancient Texts with AI

This DeepMind project uses a neural network, natural language processing and machine learning to help historians piece together fragments of ancient Greek decrees from 420 BC.

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Subscriptions Shake Up Businesses as Usual

In this Tech Barometer podcast segment, the Chief Financial Officer of subscription services company Zuora, Todd McEhlatton, explains why businesses are shifting to subscription models so quickly and how this business model grew during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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AI Brings Deeper Understanding of Baseball Players’ Impact on Game

Penn State researchers use machine learning to power a system called Sabermetrics to analyze more than just baseball game statistics, showing real impact of each player.