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Our CEO, Rajiv Ramaswami, discusses cloud market trends, the Nutanix vision, and journeying to the cloud with the Nutanix hybrid platform.

 Why Nutanix for Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

With the majority of enterprises operating with two or more clouds, it’s easy to see why a hybrid model is attractive. In fact, 85% of organizations say it’s their preferred model. But managing and operating a hybrid cloud isn’t always straightforward.

That’s where Nutanix comes in, helping businesses take an application-centric approach and improve business agility with a single, unified management plane for all clouds. You can get started with hybrid cloud in under an hour, and with an average 477% ROI, you’ll break even in just 9 months, so you can focus on innovation, not management.

Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Delivers:

Ready-to-go cloud

Ready-to-go cloud in under 1 hour

Connect on-prem to public cloud in just under an hour

Seamless, on-demand workload bursting

Migrate VMs in just 1 click as demand dictates

Recovery in minutes on public cloud

Protect apps and data with a self-healing architecture and anywhere recovery

Features of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Simplified

Whether you are running applications as traditional VMs or leveraging modern container technology, Nutanix automates infrastructure operations and application delivery across public and private clouds. Nutanix hybrid cloud solutions unify management across clouds, while enabling seamless mobility of applications and data between disparate environments. Deliver each application from the right cloud, but without added complexity.

Seamless App Mobility Without Retooling or Rework

Use the same software platform on both private and public clouds, enabling you to deliver applications from public clouds such as AWS, exactly as you do with datacenter infrastructure. Eliminate the operational complexity of a hybrid cloud, and gain the ability to extend, burst, or migrate your applications and data into the cloud of your choice.

One Skill Set. Any Cloud.

Use hybrid cloud solutions to manage your applications and IT resources across clouds, utilizing the same operational practices and existing third-party integrations for a common experience. Eliminate the need to separately develop and maintain different operational and troubleshooting practices for each cloud environment.

Software Portability and Hybrid Cloud Optionality

Avoid vendor and cloud lock-in with portable software that can move with your applications and data across clouds. Get a consistent consumption model spanning private and public IT environments, so you can confidently plan your long-term hybrid strategy, maximizing the benefits of each environment.


Simpler, Faster, More effective Path to the Cloud

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Hybrid and Multicloud Cloud Use Cases

Designing a hybrid or multicloud environment for the key uses cases of Business Continuity, On-Demand Elasticity, and Lift-and-Shift


Hybrid Cloud Workload Deployments

Learn how to Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Adoption while Avoiding Refactoring

Harmonize Operations Across Cloud Environments

Standardize operations across private and public environments with a common set of services to deliver, manage, and govern your applications, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Platform

Nutanix Clusters provides a true hybrid solution extending Nutanix software and services to help IT and cloud teams seamlessly manage their applications across on-premises datacenters and public clouds like AWS.

Application Mobility

Automate provisioning and application lifecycle management. Give IT users one-click self-service so they can easily deploy applications in public and private clouds.

Cost Optimization

Get visibility into your cloud consumption across both public and private clouds to understand your entire cloud infrastructure costs. Identify idle and under-utilized resources and get reserved instance recommendations for deep cost savings.

Orchestration and Self-Service

Automate provisioning and application lifecycle management. Give IT users one-click self-service so they can easily deploy applications in public and private clouds.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Deliver desktops and applications globally from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other partners. Combine with on-prem deployments to make VDI a true hybrid cloud service.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Eliminate the need for provisioning, configuring, and managing disparate cloud environments or multiple solutions for disaster recovery protection with an integrated cloud DR service.

Driving Digital Disruption Using Hybrid and Multicloud

Join Gartner Research VP Philip Dawson and Nutanix SVP Monica Kumar to learn about key infrastructure requirements and cost containment strategy and understand how the hybrid and multicloud delivery model can transform admin efficiency, intelligent automation, and application performance.

Calm Reference Architecture

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Don’t have AWS bare metal instances you can use? Try a Test Drive instead. Enjoy a 30min self-guided tour of Nutanix Clusters on AWS. No cloud account needed.

Learn how you can use Nutanix Clusters to connect your private and public clouds and migrate VMs across clouds with no retooling

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