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Use this tool to find an authorized and qualified Nutanix partner near you. You can search by your location, filter based on Nutanix Elevate Partner Program competency level, and contact a partner for further assistance.

Filter Results by Partner Capability

Elevate Reseller Level indicates the partner’s competency level in the Nutanix Elevate Reseller Partner Program. Champion Reseller partners have the utmost in Nutanix sales, technical and services competencies. Professional Reseller partners have a broad set of sales and technical competencies. Authorized Reseller Partners have a base level of sales and technical competencies.

Service Partner Level indicates the partner’s standing in the Nutanix Service Partner Program for Nutanix XPert services. Services Champion partners handle our highest in-region volumes and are highly skilled in advanced product delivery services. Services Professional partners are our secondary go-to partners for services with extensive delivery skills or they are partners with specialty knowledge in complementary 3rd party products.  Services Authorized partners have certified skills and typically perform services for their own sales, providing delivery services for us on a capacity need basis.

More about our Elevate Partner Program Competency Levels

Partners early in their Nutanix partnership who have signed a partnership agreement and have started to obtain fundamental sales and technical competencies.

Partners who have invested in their Nutanix expertise, through sales and technical training and certifications who can develop integrated solutions around Nutanix software.

Nutanix experts with deep sales, technical and services delivery competencies and capabilities with expert knowledge of the full Nutanix portfolio.