Business Critical Applications

Elevate performance, simplicity, and availability of business-critical applications.

Solve all your critical IT challenges at once. Leverage your Enterprise Cloud to accelerate your business critical apps as you enable new levels of simplicity, scale, and performance—while lowering costs.

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Explore the many apps and workloads you can run on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Leading enterprises all over the world run their business-critical applications and production workloads on agile, enterprise-grade Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure.

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Prioritize Critical Workloads

Business critical applications require a suite of infrastructure features—above all performance, availability, scalability, data protection, and disaster recovery—not subject to compromise. Leverage the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to ensure maximum performance, resilience, and security for these workloads.

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Simplify All Aspects of Application Administration

Run your business critical apps at any scale on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure and enjoy consumer-grade management and dramatically reduced operational complexity.

Choose Your Hypervisor

Leverage your preferred hypervisor from VMware, Microsoft, or Citrix, or use built-in, license-free Nutanix AHV.

Enjoy Deep Insights

Resolve problems in minutes to hours versus days to weeks with end-to-end visibility into application VMs and infrastructure.

Scale Predictably

Eliminate forklift upgrades and disruptive data migrations as you scale linearly with performance demands and data growth.

Achieve Unprecedented Efficiency

Say goodbye to unpredictable performance, storage management complexity, and expensive IT refreshes. Consolidate your infrastructure silos as you maximize IT utilization and reduce costs.

Grow Intelligently

Add nodes to your cluster based on your actual application needs with our patented HCI design.

Consolidate Workloads

Put multiple workloads on to a single dense platform, eliminating under-utilized infrastructure.

Lower Costs

Remove the added cost and overhead of third-party data protection and lower CapEx by up to 50%.

Run the Most Popular Business Critical Apps

Deploy and scale your critical Tier-1 workloads, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases, and SAP business applications, as well as to your Big Data analytics initiatives.

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